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biography, inspiration, cv, shows... words to describe some of what goes on with this art...

The arts are one way in which we share the dialogue between inner and outer worlds, life and our experience of it. 

Born in mexico into a family of artists, the arts & their related fields played a major part in my life:  

In my late teens I trained in renaissance painting & drawing techniques in Florence, Italy.  
After 6 years of theatre study and performance in England, 
and some more years of travel, 
I earned a Master's Degree in Humanities & Leadership with emphasis on Art & Mythology in San Francisco, California. 

Along with the texture of a drawn line, or a color which speaks to me, the way in to creating a painting or piece of art has often been through legends, poems, or meditations for which I feel a certain resonance.

Various works can be found in private collections in Mexico, Switzerland, France, Spain, Thailand and several states in the USA.

Favorite mediums are pen and ink drawing, 
egg tempera, and mixed water media with wax finish on paper. 
I use non toxic materials whenever possible.


Customized commissions of all sizes are welcome!

For purchase of professional pigmented ink prints,

original series, or a specific commission: 

please contact aurelia by email—azephire@gmail.com